Belief Statement

No one is an island in and of themselves. We live life within the relationships around us, whether in family, school, work, church or extra-curricular activities. I believe that family of origin issues play an important part in how we experience our lives at present and can help you understand yourself and your present situation therefore I will keep in mind the relationships that affect you. Individual, marriage and family counselling can often help restore and encourage relationships to persevere through the stormy times in life.  Life is full of difficulties, but if our experiences can be validated we can learn to push through and often find our God-given purposes in life.

I believe that as people, we have strong longings to be loved, respected and to know that we can be loved for who we are. When our closest relationships do not affirm these longings, hope spirals down and an increased sense of discouragement can set in. At this point we begin to believe the lies that tell us life is too difficult.

Proverbs 12:13 reads, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is like a tree of life."

I also believe that we are bio-psycho-socio-spiritual beings. To neglect of any of these four parts denies a key part of who we are as human beings. As a client, it is your right to know that foundational to my counselling is a strong Christian faith base. I see many individuals, couples, children, teens and seniors who wish to speak openly about their faith and how it affects their circumstances. There are some therapists who don't feel comfortable doing this. However, I also provide counselling to just as many people who do not think faith is important - nor do they want to talk about it. At times we talk about meanings instead.  I respect both, but I believe it's important for you understand my foundational beliefs and make an informed decision.

It would be an honour to help you understand yourself in the difficulties you find yourself in. I believe that you have been created for a purpose far greater than you understand at present. I believe in new beginnings.