Confidentiality and Fees


Confidentiality is an important aspect of therapy. A high value is placed on the confidentiality of the information you share in therapy. The information shared will remain privileged to myself, as your therapist. You will be asked to sign a "Release of Information form if we (the client and therapist) feel that it would be beneficial to share information with a third party.

Confidentiality will only be legally broken in the following circumstances:

  1. Where the client poses potential harm to him/herself.
  2. Where the client poses potential harm to another party
  3. If the client discloses or poses potential abuse to a minor.
  4. If there is a court order.
  5. A response is needed to litigation initiated by a client against the therapist.

Counselling Fees

There is an hourly fee for service plus an HST charge. This will be discussed prior to the commencement of therapy. Payment is expected after each session (cheque, cash or e-transfer).

Third party billing is available through some extended health benefits, EAP programs at one's workplace or through individual church or agency sponsorship.  I am also covered under the CAP and CAPPS programs for congregational and Christian School assistance with Shalem Mental Health Network.  It is the responsibility of the client to pursue reimbursement of fees.

For further information on some of the names of EAP providers or Insurance Companies that cover the cost of therapy provided by Registered Marriage and Family Therapists please visit