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Making the Season Bright - Part One

If you?re like me you are busy. Maybe you?re busy at your job, running a business, attending school or just trying to keep up with your family. Whatever it is, for many the whole Christmas season doesn't feel very much like a holiday. If you are feeling caught up in shopping, parties, concerts, baking and you just aren't enjoying it ? Read on. 

Here are some tips to "Make the Season Bright?.

  1. Remember the real meaning of Christmas. Remembering that the first Christmas was about grace, forgiveness and peace on earth should help us re-focus our frantic thoughts. Don?t miss the meaning behind the moment.
  2. Focus on people. Make sure the few days you get off work are centered on the people in your life, not swept up in the trappings of trying to make the holiday picture perfect. Spend less time fussing and more time talking and laughing. If you are separated from the people you love ? by distance, death or divorce, look around you. Many people are alone during the holidays. Reach out to a neighbour, a senior or a young mom. It will help them and help you too.
  3. Remember the Basics. As simple as it sounds, get lots of sleep, eat well and exercise. These three things are key to keeping us feeling well, rested and ready to cope and yet they are the first three things that get sacrificed when we are rushed. Take care of yourself so you can take care of everything and everyone else.

Come back next week for Part Two of Making the Season Bright 

Written By: Sharon Osvald in collaboration with Winnie Visser

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Principles for Real Living:

  1. I am responsible for my own attitude
  2. My attitude affects my actions
  3. I can not change others, but I can influence others
  4. My emotions do not control my actions
  5. Admitting my imperfections does not mean that I'm a failure
  6. Love is the most powerful weapon for good in the world

Desperate Marriages by Gary Chapman, Northfield Publishing, Chicago 1998, 2008