Therapy may be helpful in these situations:

  • You are experiencing marital dissatisfaction and distance.
  • You or your spouse has had an affair.
  • You are in an abusive situation or aren't quite sure if you are or not.
  • You find communication difficult or have a communication breakdown.
  • You're wondering if you should separate or not.
  • You are grieving or suffering loss.
  • You've had a miscarriage/child's death.
  • You are in transition
  • You cannot process or name the intense feelings you have.
  • You are struggling with the feelings of worthlessness, suicidal thoughts, feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • You are a caregiver and find it difficult to cope.
  • You have a relationship with a person with mental illness
  • You have been sexually, emotionally or physically abused.
  • You have family of origin issues.
  • You have difficulty with your children.
  • You are feeling burn out.
  • You have spiritual concerns, which cause you to question your faith in God.

There is hope! Let's talk.